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Student Organizations

Asian Law Students' Association

Contact: CaseAPALSA@gmail.com

The Asian Law Students Association (ALSA) provides career support and professional development opportunities, academic and peer support, and community service opportunities, to Asian students and other minority students at CWRU School of Law. ALSA informs members of the organization and the community in general about the legal needs and issues facing Asians, and other historically disadvantaged communities by having individuals speak at general meetings, sponsoring functions, and conferences. 

2017-2018 Executive Board:

President:  Justin Cheng (jdc165@case.edu)
Vice-President: Jathniel Shao (jcs208@case.edu)
Secretary:  Xiang Wu (xxw216@case.edu) & Alton Oh (amo50@case.edu)
Treasurer:  Joon W. Choi (jdc165@case.edu) & Shun Wang (sxw367@case.edu)

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