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Institute for Global Security Law and Policy

Frederick K. Cox International Law Center

Our international law program makes global experiences possible for every student. Our students work on real international law issues for real clients, ranging from assisting asylum seekers to suppressing global corruption, from combatting maritime piracy to prosecuting war crimes.

Director, Avidan Y. Cover


The events and aftermath of 9/11 have made security and counter-terrorism fundamental, if not defining, concerns for the world community, nations, companies, the legal system, and individuals. Security and counter-terrorism present distinct new policy and legal issues. Satisfactorily addressing these issues requires a broad approach taking into account the vast legal, financial, political, social, religious, and cultural roots and ramifications inherent in this area.

The Institute for Global Security Law and Policy offers a uniquely comprehensive hub for addressing these issues through a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary approach that also blends theory with practical applications. The institute develops and integrates the best learning from the academy and the real world and draws on numerous disciplines and experiences to provide innovative and world class programs, research, teaching, and service on the issues of security and counter-terrorism.

The work of the institute serves as an invaluable resource to governments, businesses, organizations, the legal profession and the general community. The course and programs educate students on these key issues so that they can better serve clients and society in the post 9/11 world and become future leaders in the search for solutions to problems of national security and terrorism.


The institute also offers a concentration certificate in National Security Law to graduating students who have taken National Security Law I and II, and 15 additional credit hours from our many national security law-related course offerings.

  1. Terrorism Prosecution Lab. Students conduct research and prepare legal memos for the Office of the Prosecutor for the Department of Defense Office of Military Commissions.

  2. Counterterrorism Law. Students take an in depth look at counterterrorism in the United States and other countries.

  3. Terrorism Prosecution Lab II. Students undertake a directed independent study covering a discreet topic related to the prosecution of suspected terrorists detained at Guantanamo.

  4. United States Coast Guard (USCG) & Homeland Security Lab. Students conducting research and preparing legal memos for the U.S. Coast Guard on Homeland Security and Cross Border legal issues.

  5. Formation of Government Contracts (Military Procurement Law).

  6. Terrorism Financing

  7. Homeland Security

  8. International Humanitarian Law
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