Celebrating 125 Years

Celebrating 125 Years
Case Western Reserve University School of Law
Founded 1892
We are thrilled to celebrate the law school’s 125th anniversary during the 2017-2018 school year. From its very start, one idea has exemplified our law school: an optimistic sense of the possible. When launched in 1892, the school had neither endowment nor library. The man offered the deanship didn’t show—instead he accepted a chaired professorship at Harvard. The first building was a small farmhouse on Euclid Avenue. Still, two dozen students enrolled—paying the $100 a year tuition. Within a few months, a $50,000 donation arrived. Local practitioners agreed to teach part time for $3 an hour. And an institution that would become one of the leaders among American law schools was born.
One hundred and twenty-five years later, our law faculty is ranked 25th in the nation in scholarly impact; our Health Law, International Law, and Intellectual Property Law programs have been ranked among the top in the country; and U.S. News and World Report, National Jurist Magazine, and PreLaw Magazine have all ranked us among the best schools for experiential education and practical training. We hope you enjoy this special site, which contains a commemorative video, a timeline of our school’s historic events, a listing of our alumni who have distinguished themselves in public service as judges and government officials, and composite class photos going back to our first class in 1892.
CWRU Law Milestones
Some of the world’s impactful leaders trace their law roots back to Case Western Reserve University. Over 20,000 lawyers have graduated from our law school. Many have gone on to become judges, activists, government officials, business leaders and founding law firm partners. Here, we provide a sample of some of our distinguished graduates who dedicated themselves to public service as judges or government officials at either the state or federal levels.
James M. Petro (1973)
Class Composites
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Share in the success of alumni and faculty who contribute to the school’s tradition of excellence. Learn the law school story—its brave beginning and significant milestones during more than a century. See how the school is poised for the future, as a national leader in legal education.

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