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Frederick K. Cox International Law Center

Our international law program makes global experiences possible for every student. Our students work on real international law issues for real clients, ranging from assisting asylum seekers to suppressing global corruption, from combatting maritime piracy to prosecuting war crimes.


Over a dozen Case Western Law Professors teach in the area of international law; together, they offer more international law electives than all but a handful of U.S. law schools. We call our three-year learning arc, "Core, Concentration, Capstone."

Core: In the first year, Students who will undertake a Cox Center-funded summer internship take "Fundamentals of International Law," a one-credit course in the spring semester that introduces them to norms of customary international law, rules of treaty interpretation, basics of researching international precedents, and the principles that govern international dispute resolution and international criminal trials.

Concentration: In the second year, students pursuing an international law concentration begin to focus on one of four areas, by taking a sequence of electives that continue into the third year related to public international law, international business law, national security law, or immigration law. Altogether, we offer forty specialty courses in these areas including our "War Crimes Research Lab" where students work on legal issues outsourced by five international tribunals, "World Intellectual Property Law Lab" where students work on international IP issues assigned to us by the World Intellectual Property Organization, and our Immigration Law Practicum, where students work on real asylum and refugee cases for real clients.

Capstone: In the third year, students take a semester-long, full-time international law capstone experience. Options include our new Human Rights Law Clinic or over thirty externships around the world. Or you can spend your third year abroad earning a foreign LLM degree at one of our partner universities while concurrently earning our JD degree in no extra time.
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